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Established in 2011 by Matthew and Chris Dent, the Soho Warriors Football Club is a multi-disciplinary collective that brings together some of London's most exciting and experienced creatives.

Consisting of 30 members, the SWFC works on various projects through Illustration, Design, Photography, Digital & Interactive, Film and Product Design, producing material that focuses solely on the game itself. The SWFC traditionally trains every Friday evening in East London and are current holders of the Chinatown Invitational.

The Squad

  • 1. Chris Dent
  • 2. Christoph Lorenzi
  • 3. Evan Lelliott
  • 5. Olivier Sclavo
  • 6. Danny Wood
  • 7. Spencer Wilson
  • 8. Matt Rice (c)
  • 9. Matthew Dent
  • 10. Raphael O'Selle
  • 11. Dmitri Arabuli
  • 12. Lewis Smith
  • 13. Chris Bradley
  • 14. Ash Barwick
  • 15. Chris Martin
  • 16. Sam Johnson
  • 17. Sam Moppett
  • 18. Adrian Johnson
  • 19. Kiko Seiz
  • 20. Rob Fox
  • 21. Jim Spencer
  • 23. Richard Shed
  • 24. Roman Cadafalch
  • 27. Robbie Wilkinson
  • 30. Blue Bushell
  • 32. Bruno Constant
  • 35. Jack Foxton
  • 44. Gui Seiz
  • 69. Alex Nicholson
  • 87. Tom Edwards
  • 96. Luis Ladrero
How Beautiful It Is

This coming July, The Soho Warriors presents its debut show ‘How Beautiful It Is‘ at Kemistry Gallery during the 2014 World Cup. The show celebrates football in Brazil, its people, fans and wealth of history and culture.

View show site


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A better picture of my now match worn Copa Blackouts. So so sweet. Thanks again @adidasuk and the very handsome @matthewdent

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Black out Copa thanks to @adidasuk – awesome. @matthewdent about to dominate me sexually #theswfc


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Theatre of Dreams, Haggerston. #fnl #theswfc